Data Detective
Data Detective
by Janne Oksanen, Kari Aho
We bet that you would like to know when your apps use your mobile data or Wi-Fi connection and how much you're paying for that, right? Versine Ltd., a team of Finnish IT professionals, proudly presents Data Detective that gives you an easy way to take control of your data usage. What differentiates Data Detective from other data manager applications is that your mobile data usage is visualized in real money instead of showing it just through kB, MB, GB or percentages. So, do you know how much you are paying for your mobile Facebook per month - find out with DD! DD also gives you set of tips on how you can save money by controlling applications and adjusting your data subscription. For example, did you know that if you have 500 MB monthly cap on your mobile data with $9.99 per month and you use only 100 MB per month you pay yearly over $95 for nothing. Quit wasting your money and download Data Detective.

DD features
  1. Supports mobile (4G/3G/Edge/GPRS) and Wi-Fi data network traffic monitoring.
  2. Application specific costs and data usage. Notice that estimated costs are more accurate the longer that you've used the application.
  3. Total sent and received mobile and Wi-Fi data usage statistics.
  4. Usage costs in your own currency (dollar, euro, rupee, etc.).
  5. Money saving tips about your mobile data usage.
  6. Mobile data quota counter. All counters and estimates available for "last 24 hours", "last 7 days", "last 30 days" and for "this billing cycle".
  7. Number of supported subscription types.
  8. Starts automatically if you restart your phone.

Download application from Google Play.