MDO principle
MDO Mobile and Hub
by Henri Kovanen, Niko Tuomi-Nikula, Kari Aho, Janne Oksanen, Touko Hjelt, Samuel Anjam, Tino Ikonen
MDO is cloud and mobile based tool for infrastructure, documentation and work force management. Currently the solution is in use with one of the biggest Finnish telecom operators, called DNA. They manage their whole wireless mobile network inventory, roll-outs and documentation with our tools. Tools consist of cloud based portal and mobile app that exchange the information right from the field to the office.

What we promise with our tools:
  1. Real time documentation
  2. Faster deployment times,
  3. Shorter billing cycles,
  4. Higher quality and lower costs,
  5. Reduced lost/misplaced equipment,

You can achieve that with MDO via secure and real-time information visibility, exchange, traceability and automated documentation. To put it simply, our tools offer:
  1. MDO HUB - Cloud based service for managing fully customizable infrastructure and asset data. Tools to manage and send work orders directly to a mobile client when needed. Cost, project and order management modules supporting single and multivendor environments.
  2. Communication between MDO Hub and MDO mobile by using commercial mobile or Wi-Fi network with SSL secured connections
  3. MDO Mobile - Secure app for viewing infrastructure data, completing work orders and on-site work documentation
  4. All assigned tasks can be completed offline if necessary and data can be synchronized back to MDO Hub when better connections are available