MDO Visualizer and Analyzer
by Janne Oksanen, Kari Aho, Petri Eskelinen, Niko Tuomi-Nikula, Henri Kovanen, Pasi Kalliolahti
MDO Visualizer is a cloud service for wireless network performance data collection, processing and visualization. Data is collected and combined primary from MDO Analyzer but can be extended with other sources as well. Visualizer contains following modules
  1. Fault map - detect, highlight and address problem areas (call drops, low signal strength) globally
  2. Base station tool - check and visualize base station specific performance KPIs collected by mobile nodes
  3. Measurement visualizer - analyze one or multiple drive test measurement sessions in detail
  4. Expandable to other data sources than MDO analyzer

MDO Analyzer is an Android application for wireless network performance testing including features such as
  1. Mobile network measurements
    Serving and neighboring cell data: CID, LAC, PSC, MNC, MCC
    LTE: RSRP, timing advance
    GSM/EDGE/GPRS: Signal strength
  2. Wi-Fi measurements
    Active and passive network data: signal strength, SSID, freq., BSSID, capabilities
  3. Performance + location data
    Data speed / throughput (UL/DL), delay / ping
  4. Phone details
    model, type, ID, OS, battery and CPU status
  5. GPS and network location measurement live visualization
  6. Route and live data tracking
  7. Text based view for instant values
  8. Measurement management
    Database based archive
    (Automatic) upload to server for more detailed analysis
  9. Profile management
    Define what is measured and how often
  10. Interoperability with MDO Mobile

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